Public and development expert, Mr Aristotle Ibie, has commended the choice of Mr. Godwin Obaseki as the candidate of the All Progressive Congress ( APC ) for the Edo State governorship election.

Ibie said in an interview with our reporter that the choice of Obaseki would ensure that the progress recorded in eight years under Governor Adams Oshiomole is sustained and improved upon.

He said: ” Our state has moved from the backwoods of the past to a new era of development, progress and hope. It is reassuring that we have a man of character and competence waiting on the wings to take over, maintain the pace and even increase it.

” One problem of development in our climes has been the tendency of incoming governments to want to obliterate the steps of their predecessor and start their own ‘ landmark’ project. While it is good to have landmark projects, continuity is needed with good public policies like we have in the state.

” Edo State cannot afford to backtrack on the major leaps we have made on education, infrastructure and revamping economy. It will be so costly to take a backward step now.

” The good news for us as a state and as a people is that Godwin Obaseki is part of the success story that is Edo State today. To have him continuing in the steps of progress that we are seeing is good news for the people.

“That is why I commend the APC for choosing one of the architects of the new era, an internationally acclaimed technocrat and a man of impeccable character and honesty.”

Ibie urged youths and other stakeholders in the state to set aside political and ethnic differences in order to work for the success of the APC in governorship election in September.
He added: ” The issue at stake is not the APC or any other party, but the future of Edo State and that of our children. “