By Hon Samson Osagie

It is often said those who live in glass house shouldn’t not throw stones. I was alarmed to hear Governor Obaseki saying he won’t get justice after the Committee of the APC concluded his screening on Wednesday 10th June,2020. I asked the question who did he give Justice to as Governor of Edo State in almost four years of his rule.

Did he serve Chief Osamede Adun (aka Bob Izua) justice when he took over his property and demolish it overnight without proper procedure of government acquisition of private property for overriding public purpose? Up till now he did not pay him compensation. As a result of that incident Chief Adun lost his wife.Was Obaseki fair to him?
Did he serve Justice to Comrade Tony Kabaka when he demolished his hotel in Ugbor thereby rendering the poor upcoming young man economically incapacitated and making tens of people lose their jobs when the matter was pending in court? Was Governor Obaseki fair to Tony Kabaka Adun and the workers in that hotel?
Was Governor Obaseki fair and just to fourteen elected members of the Edo State House of Assembly who he denied inauguration and swearing in June, 2019. For the first a Governor denied the Legislature from functioning properly in accordance with the Constitution. Is he fair and just to Edo people?

Was he fair to Edo people when he denied them patronages and encouraged capital flight by using non Edo citizens in carrying out mouth watering contracts to the detriment of the Edo State economy?

Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to APC members and leaders in Edo State when he embarked on using thugs and security forces to attack them for holding opposing views?

Has Governor Obaseki been fair to Edo people when he sponsored Adaze Emwanta and others to Institute litigations against Edo indigenes who gets appointed to federal government agencies in order to stop them from getting into the position they are appointed?

Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to APC when he could not mobilize the party to receive new members but instead preventing people from joining the party?

Has Governor Obaseki been fair to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole when he mobilized Edo resources to remove him as National Chairman and mobilize thugs to stop him from entering Edo State?

Has Governor Obaseki been fair Edo people to whom he makes promises but failed to fulfil such promises?

Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to those who supported him and who he later sent to prison when he became Governor?

Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to Edo people whom he refused to provide good health care services and instead embarked on the blackmail of his predecessor over the five star hospital that was built which he locked down for years and has recently privatised?

Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to Edo people when he lied that he worked with Governor Adams Oshiomhole for free when in fact he earned Commission on the several loans he sourced for Edo state government?

Has Governor Obaseki been fair and just to the APC when he has sponsored many suits/litigation against the party without recourse to the Constitution of the party in exhausting internal mechanisms for conflict resolution?

Ha Governor Obaseki served Justice to party leaders whom he listed to retire from politics in Edo State?
Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to Edo market women whom he has decided to cluster in primary school premises in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic?
Has Governor Obaseki served Justice to APC when he allowed PDP to hold ward congresses in the 192 wards in Edo State and made a regulation to stop APC from holding direct primaries in the 192 wards in the same Edo State?

In Leadership, every action taken has consequences- positive or negative.
As Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki has been most unfair and unjust to members of his party- APC and the generality of Edo people.
When he cries for justice, I wonder if he expects his unjust actions against his party will serve him Justice.

Justice is for All , Not Only For the privilege!!!!

Hon Samson Osagie, MHR
Former Minority Whip,
House of Representatives.