Have carefully and objectively studied the personality of Dr Pius Odubu, since his debut into party politics, from 1999 upto this time, he started as an Honourable Member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Orhionmwon federal constituency.

His sterling qualities, earned him as the running mate to Adams Oshiomhole, in 2007 and after the court victory, they were both sworn in 2008, where he became the Deputy Governor of Edo between 2008-2016.

During the 8 years of the Oshiomhole/Odubu administration, they both set the template for development in Edo State, and their strides were seen across the three senatorial districts in Edo State.

In 2016, Dr Pius Odubu declared his interest to run for the governorship position but despite his commitment, diligence and loyalty to his boss and party, Comr. Oshiomhole, had someone in mind to succeed him, but the quintessential lawyer turned politician, was never seen in the public, casting aspersions on anyone, as he later joined hands to campaign for the aspirant, who his boss preferred in 2016.

When asked why he was supporting Godwin Obaseki, I recalled vividly then, he said “The primary election has been won and as a committed and loyal party Leader in my constituency and as number two citizen in Edo State, I am to lead by example and I believe that God Almighty, alone, has the final say, in all that we do. So I am going to work for my party, to ensure that we emerge victorious, in the governorship election, so our party can continue with the developmental strides, that we have put in place”.

Dr Pius Odubu’s unprecedented and meteoric elevations along the success-ladder of civil governance, within 21 years of Nigeria’s return to democracy, after a long span of military rule, has had the most cognate experience in leadership roles, in quick succession.

These leadership-rung indicators have contributed in no small measure to his enviable qualities, relevant experience, expansive capacity, resource capabilities and suitability to be the next Governor of Edo State.

However, if we draw up a check-list of person-specification criteria, for any eligible asipirant in fort coming governorship elections, in Edo State today, we should objectively consider the following which has earned Dr Pius Odubu, to be one of the most finest and unique leaders, with sound academic qualifications, calm and honest disposition, personal integrity, comportment and emotional intelligence, self-control in public utterances, benevolence and non-incendiary comments, cross-cultural values, good managerial skills, patriotic spirit, commitment, loyalty to the party and respect for constituted authorities.

Dr Pius Odubu, is a leader with compassion, humility, trustworthiness with listening ears and has good tolerance for bitter criticisms, consistence in party membership and discipline; Odubu possesses all these qualities, more than any other contenders vying for the gubernatorial race.

Dr Pius Odubu’s jolly ascension to all the high leadership positions from 1999 till date, has never been by morbid ambition, force or violence. By his simple pedigrees, he is not a wicked, haughty or desperate person and does not have delight in bloodshed to get to power.

As deputy governor, Dr Pius Odubu did not antagonize his boss, neither did he plan his ouster. He showed complete loyalty till they both left office in 2016 and even when Comr Adams Oshiomhole later became the APC National Chairman, he still maintained that cordial relationship with him. He has remained consistent with his sterling qualities, and nothing on earth can change his calm disposition, humility and character.

For his commitment and work ethics, Dr Pius Odubu was appointed as the Director of Logistics in President Buhari Campaign last year. Chances, favours the prepared one. And all opportunities and privileges bestowed on Dr Pius Odubu, has prepared him amply, for leadership position.

He is a cool-headed natural leader, humble and reserve. His outstanding dexterity, has endowed him to vast majority of people and political associates within the breadth and length of the world.

Besides Odubu’s exposure, managerial skills and sound academic qualifications from renowned universities, Dr Pius Odubu, has legislative and executive experience which makes him more suitable to take Edo state to greater heights.

Fortune, has yet presented another opportunity, where we have a duty, as a people to determine the government that we deserve, and the time has come to identify with the man with the best credentials to pilot and restore Edo to a lime light state.

Therefore, let us rise in truth and in defence of freedom, with a united soul, in pursuit of happiness for ourselves, let us continue to support the change that will come, with the ascension of Rt. Hon. Dr Pius Odubu, into office as Edo state governor, come September 19th 2020.

Together we can achieve a better and secured future for Edo state.

Williams Ifidon, is a member of Dr. Pius Odubu media team.