Dan Osi Obih, Chairman of the PDP, Edo State, is strategically flat-footed and cannot win any election in Edo State on his own. Never has he won any. But he is not jinxed as some suggest! Honestly, APC leadership is not far more exceptionally talented. The leadership of both parties are prodigies of Lucky Igbinedion and the old PDP leadership. Recently, many of them attended an end of year party of the PDP clan at the instance of Lucky Igbinedion. They honored the invitation under the cover of being old friends and colleagues who worked and bonded. The nostalgia of good old times was irresistible to them. That was pure facade!

The fact to note, is that the party was motivated by the need to test the ground in preparation for a major relaunch of Lucky Igbinedion into the political leadership of Edo State. After all, James Ibori and many others have come out of prison to heroic welcome and today, they have taken over leadership of their States. Believe it or not, the apologies and acolytes of Igbinedion are legion. Many, who were miserable and beggarly and who became millionaires overnight under Lucky Igbinedion are influential and in key positions in the two parties today. Money conferred on them some political value which succeeding governments have inherited. But where does their loyalty truly located? Here, you have to be sheepishly unquestioning to be of value. When you push your views rather firmly, you are said to be arrogant. Sad indeed!

As we approach 2019 and 2020 round of elections, anyone who thinks anything is not possible must be leaving in fools paradise, and indeed, a political neophyte. I have served in major political campaigns in Edo State till date, and can say that I know the terrain, I know the people and what matters to them most!

The present tour of the PDP across the State does not mean much beyond telling Edo people that they are not completely dead yet! They are not in a competitive position just now and that fact should not induce lethargy and soporific attitude on the part of APC. What to fear most in politics is a sudden spark of popular movement, an unstoppable momentum!

As it is, there is urgent need to abandon hubris and embrace empathy, to build bridges and mend fences. More importantly, to bring individuals who are not easy targets of political missiles by reason of their past plutocratic escapades in the PDP.

In 2016 election, Governor Obaseki could not be diminished by muckraking. Yet, it was not an easy ride in spite of Comrade Oshiomhole’s visible accomplishments in ground.

Let the black spots in government and In the party exit and let the seemingly untainted, and they are legion, be allowed to run affairs! If you must draw a line between the two parties, you must obfuscate the basis of comparison. Else, both parties could be seen from the same lens of decadence and filth. Hard facts indeed!