By AB Raham.


We are in unprecedented times where we are virtually reduced to the most basic primordial needs, in a bid to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, that is ravaging the world.


However, it remains important that at this time of perpetual suspense, one where the next day is shrouded in uncertainty. We must not fail to hold unto hope as our only boarding ticket onto the train ride of survival from this current phase of life into the future.


It is as this point, that I will again crave our indulgence and jolt us back to reality away from the current situation that soon after this era of social distancing, face masks, hand sanitizing and other rituals associated with measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 fade away, we have a governorship election lying in wait for us.


For the state currently, what would be desired would be nothing short of an appreciable healing process to the injuries sustained as a result of egregious, insensitive and uncharitable governance that has greeted the state in recent time, which must be fairly addressed if we are to move forward as a people and state. This is why Dr. Pius Odubu becomes the only viable option right now for us.


Dr. Pius Odubu is no stranger to the people of Edo state, nor the political landscape. Neither is he immune to the needs of the people being the immediate past Deputy Governor of the state and a two time Federal lawmaker. One who is still committed to improving the welfare of citizens and making meaningful impact in the state with focus in the areas of infrastructure, social welfare, economy, security and inclusive leadership.

It is on this premise that Dr. Pius Odubu – who is the front line aspirant of the APC, in the forthcoming Edo 2020 guber elections – seeks to become the next governor of Edo state.


What this portends is clear; being very sagacious in leadership experience, coupled with an impressive academic background, complemented with a good heart for humanity. Dr. Pius Odubu has positioned himself and is set to bring all these qualities together into the leadership system of Edo state which is what can be described as the fundamental qualities to attain excellence in leadership.


It is on record that Dr. Pius Odubu was deputy to a governor whose administration shone light upon the many dark areas in the state before the ascension to power, of the Oshiomhole/Odubu administration in 2008.

If records are anything to go by, then it is safe to project that Dr. Pius Odubu will run a government of effective and essential continuity as well as restore normalcy where certain unhealthy practices are rife. Some of these practices appear to have turned the people of Edo state against each other. This would be achieved by running an all inclusive governance aimed at judiciously harnessing the vested potentials in Edo state for the betterment for the people.


The aspirations of Dr. Pius Odubu are anchored on hope for the future and a better tomorrow for the state and its people. To achieve this, we all have our part to play in ensuring that we maximize the opportunity of the forthcoming elections by entrusting Edo into the safe and competent hands of Dr. Pius Odubu.





AB Raham, is a member of Dr. Pius Odubu media team.