By Andy Omosefe.

Political parties oils the wheels of government and serves as a vehicle through which governments are enthroned. Therefore, it becomes imperative for parties to look beyond primodial sentiments in choosing it’s representatives in government and look at the integrity, antecedents, stability and believe in the ideology and mentality of the party vis a vis the candidate’s ability to win in a popular contest.Other considerations are secondary to the above listed qualities

In picking a consensus candidate for the forthcoming All Progressives Congress gubernatorial race, the following qualities must be considered;

1. A candidate who fully understands the ideological stance of the party and firmly believe in it and is ready to stick out his all in the defence of the party when the chips are down.

2. A candidate who is ready to stay in the party, work for the party and invest in the party in good times and in bad times.

3. A man who is ready to bring to bare the progressive programs and agenda of the party for the development of Edo State.

4. A candidate who will not abandon projects but see to the completion of ongoing ones and indeed embark on new projects for the overall benefits of our people.

5. A candidate who will respect traditional institutions and infact the culture and traditions of our people as this is the foundation of our existence.

6. A candidate who will embark on wealth creating structures,institutions and ventures as the party looks to lift our people out of the threshold of hunger and Porverty.

7. A candidate that is homegrown and have the necessary rapport with the people.

8. A candidate who is free of any criminal record or indictment of any form.

9. A candidate with the necessary qualifications whose resume is rich and undented and can easily be verified.

10. Above all a candidate that can be truly considered as a loyal Party man, the people’s choice, respectful to all wether rich or poor,young or old,disabled or able. Someone with the fear of God and love for the people.

Having thourughly pondered and reflected on the above, I Andrew,Osaigbovo Omosefe hereby move for the endorsement of Rt.Hon.Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu (Okakuo1) as the consensus gubernatorial flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress in the forthcoming governorship election Edo 2020.

He is loyal, humble, articulate, people friendly, developmentally oriented, highly educated, sagacious, intelligent and factual. He is jovial yet very serious minded,He is humble yet a dogged fighter(Okakuo),He is refined yet local.

Dr Pius Egberanmwen Odubu is deeply in tune with the grassroots and understands the problems at the local level.

Supporting this man of the people is best for Edo State at this time.

Odubu Truly Cares.