Edo politics: Dr. Pius Odubu’s dramatic trajectory and the harbinger of a positive definitive shift by Ukato Thomas

Edo politics: Dr. Pius Odubu’s dramatic trajectory and the harbinger of a positive definitive shift by Ukato Thomas
… It’s been a drama of some sorts but the emerging scenes will be a climaxing soothing balm to the tragic and divisive reigns of absurdity.

Scene 1:

Flashback 2008, A labour veteran with medals of battles fought and won adorning his Comrade khaki walked into the political scene. A dimunitve Man with the courage made of steel. Blessed with intellect, vocality and sagacity just reclaiming his mandate after the crucibles of election tribunals and the affirmation of a once robbed mandate, duely elected overwhelming as executive governor flanked by a trusted loyal ally, friend and liteunant.

Together, the duo of Comrade Adam Oshiomhole and Rt. Hon Pius Odubu hit the ground running cleaning the Augean stables of governance, redefined poliitics, reformed the system, unified the party and strengthened it’s structures, delivered good governance and for Eight years, transformed Edo landscape with completed/commissioned projects hitherto only imagined. With the support of his taciturn liteunant Governor; Dr Odubu, a power house of humble intellect, the adminstration was rated high in all key performance indicators.

Scene II

In the twilight of the administration of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the deafening banterings of who succeeds him dominated the polity. Who better to succeed him rather than the experienced, trusted and tested hands of Dr Odubu?

However, in a twist of fate, with the fallabilty of humans, the frailty of some “not too thought through” decisions, the incapacity for foresight with no gift of necromancy and the deceitfulness of “chameloenic” facade of humility, the scam laundered image of “technocrat”…Godwin Obaseki, a stranger to the terrain and in a now regrettable error in judgement was anointed, endorsed and supported, then elected. His inexperienced feet stepping into the big shoes of Executive governor, Edo State.

Scene III

Upon mounting the saddle, comes scenes of absurdity alien to our politics. High-handedness was an understatement, executive rascality held sway. The very cord of unity, Obaseki severed, the party at a point was haemorraging. The divisiveness and the unprecedented use of State resources to fight his benefactors bitting the fingers that fed him, and his avowed stance to retire the same leaders who matched the sands with beads of perspiration drenching their apparels in the campaigns of 2016 across the three senatorial district created a tensed political scene. But, thankfully, with the now interred special purpose vehicle(SPV), The party has now been reclaimed with the true leaders at the helms.

Fast forward, Now the chicken has come home to roast. With Obaseki grappling to tilt the popularity scale to his favour. His sentimental diatribe has now become stale. And with no credible selling point, no bargaining chip he stands beaten as he would watch the party ticket elude him.

Scene IV

Now, comes the harbinger of the positive definitive shift in our politics and governance. Blessed with an all round experience, exposure, composure, intellect and the right temperament, Dr Odubu stands on the threshold of history. Unfolded Events has vindicated the 2016 obaseki naysayers and as the APC primary election for the Edo gubernatorial polls draws nearer, a chance is once again placed before us to rewrite history, chart a new course, bid farewell to retrogressiveness, define the future with a positive outlook and push the play button to the pause to infrastructural development and good governance. Dr Odubu has shown due diligence and faithfulness to the party tenets and indeed supremacy and the larger society. He has the continuity blueprints for an Edo master plan crafted and drafted by the proceeding adminstration where he was the deputy Governor.

No other person is more qualified at this time.


Ukato Thomas is a member of the Odubu media team.

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