The recent trip of Vice president Yemi Osinbajo to the United States of America has turned out to be a catalyst for potential foreign direct investments in the ICT, Entertainment, Film and Technology industries as American investors shift their attention to Nigeria. His strategic thinking, approach and delivery of relevant messages to the various audiences his delegation came in contact with have placed Nigeria on the global map of countries to be reckoned with in business.

Most importantly, Professor Yemi Osibajo was able to impress the audiences about the several innovative measures the federal government is making to facilitate and promote investments in Nigeria. Some of the measures include providing conducive regulatory environment, enabling laws and removing various obstacles that hinder businesses and economic growth. Professor Osinbajo’s attendance of several investment drives which culminated in a road show helped immensely to showcase the numerous business and investment opportunities available in Nigeria.

His determination and passion to woo value-adding investors to Nigeria was evident and pronounced throughout his interactions with the various audiences. His assurances of federal government’s protection for intellectual property no doubt excited investors in creative arts, movie industry and film-making.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo also used the opportunity of the meetings to narrate the true picture of things in Nigeria different from the negative picture being painted about terrorism and sundry crimes obviously reassured the potential investors as they had a better understanding, hence their determination to shift their investment focus to Nigeria.

 His major interest during the trip was to attract United States investments in the area of technology and creative arts and this was largely achieved as major American movie companies spared time to listen to the vice president and took investment decisions. Definitely the fruits of the meetings will start manifesting in no distant time. They include Sony, Paramount pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, IMAX Entertainment, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Bet International and the National Association of Theater Owners. The list is an assemblage of the leading movie and entertainment companies in America.

Indeed the vice president’s visit was action-packed and full of possibilities as he has ventured and opened other untapped areas of foreign direct investments to Nigeria. Professor Osinbajo talked about the potentials in the Nigeria Digital economy and harped on protection for investments as he realised that this is usually a concern for many top flight investors.

 Professor Osinbajo also availed the audiences about the diversification policy of the Buhari administration which seeks to deemphasise Nigeria’s total reliance on oil, bearing in mind that the future of the country will depend mainly on knowledge-based economy. The Nigerian investment summit which held at Silicon Valley attracted top American business people and Vice president Yemi Osinbajo once again continued his marketing and public relations project about Nigeria.

By Chukwudi Enekwechi JP