Persons taking advantage of their exalted platforms to call for the resignation or impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari are anarchists seeking the collapse of law and order in the country, the Buhari Media Organization has said.

“Any comments from the elite whose voices should inspire hope and not fear, short of uniting Nigerians behind the government and its security agencies, is anarchical and must be condemned”, the group added.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, the group urged Nigerians to rally behind their President and support the Armed Forces against terrorists and criminals while denouncing voices of chaos and anarchy, calling for the President’s resignation or impeachment.

“Those calling for the President’s resignation or impeachment have an agenda: create a space filled with fear, and heat the polity so that their sinister agendas can find root.

“President Buhari, having been elected by a majority of Nigerians, achieved the stability of the nation the moment he got into the office while dealing heavy blows to terrorists and criminals in the immediate years of his first tenure. Unfortunately, certain events, mostly politically motivated and aided by circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, have goaded a heated polity and a surge in criminality.

“We want to assure Nigerians that this President, who has a track record of degrading criminality, will not spare the punch needed to take on the criminal elements frustrating the country. Assuredly, the country will achieve peace, calmness and stability soon.

“Criminals and their sponsors will be brought to book. The President and his service chiefs are working assiduously towards this. Nigerians will have no regret lining behind their President to make this happen.

“Those calling for the President’s resignation or impeachment are nothing short of anarchists. They do not want to see an end to criminality because they seek to profit from it.

“They know full well that the resignation of the President is the road to anarchy, leaving a vacuum at a critical juncture when the country needs a stable and focused leadership—which President Buhari is delivering”.

The group noted that the solution to the country’s temporary security challenge was not the President’s resignation but rather a unanimous decision by all Nigerians to rally behind the President and the country’s security agencies.

“What the country needs now is less hostile doomsday rhetoric from its political and religious leaders and other elites, and more voices of hope, of reason, all singing tunes of unity and condemning criminals and not cheering them on.

“Leaders must be firm in calling out criminals and not hailing them. It is hypocritical for them to sing praises of secessionist elements and simultaneously blame the President for the criminal activities of same secessionists,” the statement added.