The Coalition for Good Governance and Economic Justice in Africa says the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a party for mediocre and as such, should not be taken seriously especially the personal attack on the integrity of Mr. John Mayaki, a statement endorsed by its National Chairman, Alhaji Dada Akpeji said yesterday.

Alhaji Dada said, “it came to us as a surprise that rather than address the issues raised by the ‘media expert’, the PDP took us aback when they left the ball and went for the leg.
According to Dada, “my attention has been dragged to a publication by Chris Osa Nehikhare, the publicity secretary of Edo State Chapter of the PDP, which he wrote as a response supposedly to a rejoinder to his earlier publication titled ‘PDP accuses APC, Obaseki of evading court services’.
“For PDP’s obvious lack of superior and logical responses manifested in a reply to John Mayaki’s submissions titled ‘Obaseki dismisses PDP’s allegations on Court service’, The PDP, either deliberately or inadvertently lost track of the main issue in contention or strayed into the irrelevant question of Mayaki’s identity as a person, and describing his earlier response as childish. Pray someone tell the world who is actually childish between John Mayaki, whose response revolved squarely and completely around the subject matter and PDP’s Nehikhare whose response was a total deviation from the subject matter and a misadventure into attacking Mayaki’s person?
“One is, however, relieved by the knowledge that this kind of attitude is PDP’s usual stock in trade as Nehikhare leaves one wondering which dictionary he consults when writing. Silence would have been more helpful to him and Edo PDP than his wide-off-the-mark response which represented nothing but a manifestation of the agony of electoral defeat by his party.
I sincerely sympathize with him and use the opportunity to advise him to read Mayaki’s rejoinder again and this time respond correctly with a focus on his submissions and not his person. This, I think, would be a more mature and professional approach.

Besides, a blogger and concerned citizen, Mrs. Gloria Adagbon said, “it is mischievous of Nehikhare, the Edo State PDP Publicity Secretary, to leave untouched the substantive points raised therein and start chasing shadows. Does Mr. Mayaki’s name remove the substance of the matter? Any concerned citizen could have responded and no formal designation is required to do so. In his response, Mr. Mayaki rightly stated that the Governor-elect was not under the control of the court, to have known that the PDP had filed her petition which makes their allegation patently false.

Mrs Adagbon went on to state that “Mr. Nehikhare and the PDP should leave this politics of deception and diversionary tactics behind. It did not work during the elections and certainly will not work now or do the PDP any good. The truth of the matter still remains that no attempt has been made to serve Godwin Obaseki court papers. They know his office, they know the APC secretariat and if they wanted to serve him, they would have done so. It beggars belief that the PDP so called Publicity Secretary could conjure such response without addressing the issues. There is nothing that precludes Mr. Mayaki from responding to PDP’s unscrupulous allegation”.


Mrs Adagbon finished by calling on the PDP to serve Godwin Obaseki the said court papers. Where they cannot, they should notify the public where they went and how they were prevented from effecting service. “As rightly posited by Mr. Mayaki, the PDP knows what to do. Godwin Obaseki is a man whose addresses – both home and office are not unknown. He has no dog at home to unleash or one that will jump on anybody who attempts service on him. I urge PDP to freely knock at his door and do the needful. “Consequently, Nehikhare and PDP are hereby advised to outgrow this their devious attitude and character assassination. They should focus on the issue. The era of falsehoods and scathing attacks to divert attention from the real issue is over. PDP should get real and effect service”, the blogger said.