15TH MAY, 2016


The National Association of Nigerian Students(NANS) Zone B expressly register total dissatisfaction towards the callous and insensitive hike in price of Premium Motor Sprit (PMS) from #86 to#145 by President Muhammadu Buhari.
NANS is irked by this ugly development that has no doubt turned the country’s economy upside down.
The Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr. Ibe Kachikwu had made public declaration concerning the PMS price hike to 145, stating that it is the best for the nation. But the truth is that Mr. Kachikwu’s verbal utterance is a pronouncement of economic malady in disguise, to the nation. President Buhari who claims to be the apex Minister of Petroleum has outrightly jettisoned the tenets of democracy by this singular act of his, haven failed to consult relevant stakeholders. It could be recalled that NANS had advised the President to abdicate his acclaimed position as the Minister of Petroleum, pointing out that it would spell disaster on the nation’s economy and here we are as we have been vindicated.
Contrarily to this demand the President have remained obdurate and tactically recalcitrant to our demands. It is conspicuously clear that the Minister of State Petroleum , Mr. Kachikwu is only working in line with the President’s directives. And it becomes bizarre to understand why a President who had no knowledge of the downstream sector is being deputized by a more knowledgeable and sophisticated man in the field, coupled with other state engagement of Mr. President.
The hike in price of the PMS has affected students in our various campuses negatively, where they are now forced to pay more for intra and inter campus transportation fare. Those who travel from far and near to campuses , have also been subjected more to this social catastrophe. Price of goods and services have skyrocketed to an unimaginable proportion.
The timing no doubt has also aggravated the effects of the hike. It is an aberration to increase the price of PMS when the economy presently hangs on an abysmal economic pendulum of glaring adverse effect.
Nigerian students , under the aegis of NANS Zone B say no to hike in PMS price, hence we demand immediate reversal of the PMS price to #86. Anything short of this will attract the burning wrath of the Nigerian Students in South South and South East Regional block of Nigeria. This we are not sure the Federal Government would be able to quell when it finally comes up.
Strategic mobilization has began across various campuses for the total showdown, if our demand is neglected.
The government must learn to respect and consider students welfare before taking certain decisions with far reaching negative effects such as this, as many of our campuses are already closed down as a result of the Federal Government’s insensitivity to the Education sector and general students welfare.
If our Demands are not considered and an immediate reversal is not achieved within the shortest possible time, we will alongside Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and other civil society organisations, occupy and shut down all federal parastatals and campuses across the eleven States of South South and South East Nigeria.
We reiterate, that this decision by the President is inhumane, callous, vile and tyrannical in all respects. It is a fact that the President neglected the students body when taking the decision, and this also has amassed our grievances for the Federal Government.
That which happened in 2012 when former President, removed subsidy from PMS would not only happen again, but would be doubled this time around.
Unilaterally fixing PMS price has once again brought to fore the dictatorial attributes of President Buhari, as the PPPRA board, which is the board saddled with fixing PMS price is yet to be reconstituted, therefore whatever price being brandished by Federal Government is null and void and we reject same in its entirety.
We therefore call on the Nigerian people to rise up to their responsibilities as this government has shown time without number that they don’t mean well for the masses. This government has continued to swim from one economic blunder to the other, dishing out anti masses policies on daily basis.
This government has been thriving on propaganda and lies, with Minister of State Petroleum stating that Subsidy on PMS has been removed while the Vice President; Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is countering same by saying No Subsidy was removed. Which one do Nigerian masses believe, a government of confusion.
Nigerian Students is saying Enough is Enough.
Reverse PMS Price or Nigeria will remain shutdown.

Aluta Continua… Victoria Ascerta…


Pedro C. Obi,