Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara, has attributed the achievements he has recorded as a member and Speaker of the House of Representatives on the the trust his constituents reposed in him.

Speaking during a reception in his constituency to celebrate his 50th birthday, he said the people of Bogoro, Dass and Tafewa Balewa gave him the opportunity to become Speaker by re-electing him against all odds and that placed him in a position where he could influence projects of impact to his constitutuency, Bauchi State and north east region in general.

He also thanked God for making it possible for him to achieve as much as he has, saying he is more propelled by opportunities to be of service to the people, than to occupy positions.

“I’m not interested in position, I’m interested in service. Position is useless to me, I just want to serve the people.
Whenever my work as a member is finished, God will move me to a position where I can serve my people more and more.

“If it were not for God, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve these things and that is why we are here, to thank God for using you to make this happen. Not because of my birthday, but to thank God.

“If it wasn’t for your investment, there is no way you will drive from here to Bauchi without any pothole; 82km of solid asphalt road, I wasn’t even a speaker then. That job is beyond the job of a member and it is God that made it possible.

“Because of the trust you reposed in me, today we have produced a speaker, it is a thing of pride to us. Because of your investment, we have been able to produce someone close to where the late Tafewa Balewa occupied. I am happy that God has rewarded the sacrifices he made.

“On account of your investment, today, we have the North East Development Commission. If I had not been speaker, that wouldn’t have been possible.

“Anytime you see the NEDC, know it is the sacrifice of the people of this constituency, the people of Bauchi, that brought it.

“Because of your investment, we have raised over N300m to address plight of IDPs in the northeast and other regions of Nigeria. Nobody is going to touch one naira from that money. ”

The Speaker said that the level of devastation caused by your years violence will take more than 20 years to address.