Change of Mindset, Attitude and Conduct

11011205_10207864813805443_6755255799340351881_n“Any effort to try to deal with corruption without a convinced populace will end as spasmodic, ephemeral exercise, lacking the appropriate social impact. When we are talking about corruption conventionally, it is a manifestation of the human mindset. It is the human beings that manifest corruption.

To win the war on corruption, therefore, begins with the people accepting that there is an error to be corrected in their lives, that there is a need to refocus and re-orientate the values that we cherish and hold dear. It requires change of mindset, change of attitude, and change of conduct.” – Excepts from President Muhammadu Buhari’s Incorruptibility; a Spiritual Premise for Material Wellbeing, delivered at Ayiam Osigwe Lecture Foundation Series, December 11th 2015.

This is also applicable to Change. Any effort to address Change in our country without the acknowledgement that we all need to change our mindsets, warped and selfish orientation is delusional. We cannot Change Nigeria for good, if we don’t want to change from our crooked ways. We cannot get it right if we are still locked in wheeling and dealing, sabotaging genuine efforts of our Principal to bring lasting and Positive Change.

Change is a gradual process and it is evolving. Change is building solid foundations for our future. Change is leaving behind old clannish interests, ethnic mentality and me, me and me mentality. Change means working together to address our challenges. Change means building a country that we can all be proud off. Change means working towards the collective interests of our country. Change is putting aside our differences to work for a better Nigeria, whether APC or PDP, whether Muslims or Christians, whether East, North, West or South.

I do not see any reason why people will wake up and blow up pipelines. I do not see any need why people will wake up and cut off gas supply that feeds electricity generation and distribution. The consequences of their actions impact negatively on everyone. The same way, I don’t see any reason why people would pocket monies meant for provision of service or pick their brother or sister or relatives over someone who is more qualified to do the job.

Ethnic, clannish or religious interest does not serve the interest of Nigeria. It merely promotes mediocrity which sets our country backward from development. If only we fully understand change, there won’t be sabotage in the system. If only we understand and embrace Change, the potential and the prospects for our country is astronomical. IF YOU ARE SHOUTING CHANGE IN PUBLIC AND YOU ARE YET TO CHANGE YOURSELF, A BIG SHAME ON YOU because you are robing Nigeria off the opportunity to move forward!

We cannot build a New Nigeria of our dream if we cannot change our attitudes, be a little honest with ourselves, be open and shelve our greedy and selfish interests. We cannot be shouting Change and yet, we only expect others to change, not ourselves. CHANGE IS STILL THE BEST OPTION FOR NIGERIA! I am positive that Change will triumph, Change will embed, Change will sink its root in this country because we have a President who is resolved and committed to Project Change. LET’S ALL EMBRACE THE TRUE MEANING OF CHANGE.

God protect and bless President Buhari and a few honest men and women like him who are standing up for Nigeria and Nigerians. God bless all true Change Agents who are standing up for Change.
God bless Nigeria
Gloria Eluebo Adagbon