President Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed reports about being diagnosed of cancer on his treatment of ear infection in London, stating that he now enjoys a sound health.

Buhari relayed his improved state of health to some of his aides in the Presidential Villa stating, “I am now fine. There is nothing to worry about”

Newspot Nigeria learnt exclusively from two of his aides that the President responded to questions on his health when some of them called him last night.

The aides in separate chats said Buhari asked questions about Nigeria and wanted to know the state of the country.

Buhari, according to reports, asked after the wellbeing of each of the aides who spoke and chatted with him on skype, while he wished everyone well.

One of them said, “The President was particular about Nigeria and was asking questions. The way he spoke to us gave an impression that everything was all right with him.

“When we asked about his health, he said he was fine and that the situation was nothing to worry about”

Buhari left Nigeria for London last Monday for a 10-day vacation, according to his his media aide, Mr. Femi Adesina who said also that the president would take the precaution of seeking medical attention on his ear infection.

There have been speculations that President Buhari had been diagnosed of cancer of the ear, while the speculation went viral, given an impression that he is now in a cricical condition.

There are reports also that the President may extend his stay in London for more days on the basis that he needs more days to rest.

The need for him to stay more days in London, according to reports, was mooted by top government officials who said he needed more time to rest because of the effect of pressure of worn on him.

Credit: Newspot