Published in January 2016

When Governor Adams Oshiomhole became the governor of Edo State, he inherited a state that was abandoned by his predecessor Lucky Igbinedion of the People Democratic Party. He inherited a state that was full of dilapidated infrastructures. He inherited a state that was comatose by reckless leadership, greed, stealing, corruption and diversion of state funds into private pockets – the pockets of Lucky Igbinedion’s family and cronies. Edo State was a mere shadow with nothing to write home about.

Then in comes Governor Adams Oshiomhole, he assumed office and rolled up his sleeves. Governor Oshiomhole is not afraid to speak up, where necessary. He embarked on rebuilding Edo State from the crumbles left behind. He wasn’t perturbed about the scale of work He dug and immersed himself into it rebuilding Edo State from scratch. Today, Edo State is standing tall and on the part of progress. As Oshiomhole prepares to leave the stage, like where an actor has concluded a scene, Edo State needs CONTINUITY to continue from where Governor Oshiomhole stopped.

So this brings me to the question who now for Edo State? Who will best represent the people and their best interests? To me, Edolites cannot look at People Democratic Party where the Hawks like of “Mr Fix It” are still loitering around and dictating with the Party. It is not surprising to see Dr Samuel Ogbemudia withdraw from such gathering where the Hawks feast on state resources instead of using to foster growth and development for the well-being of the people. Consequently, Edolites cannot and must not look at anything that look like PDP, let alone PDP governorship aspirant. That would be disastrous.

With that in mind, the searchlight then falls on All Progressives Congress (APC). I gathered that APC thus far up to ten candidates aspiring for the party’s Governorship ticket.


So, who are the candidates gunning for APC Governorship ticket?

(1) Dr Pius Odubu, the incumbent Deputy Governor;
(2) Osarodion Ogie, Commissioner for Works;
(3) Dr Godwin Obaseki, Chairman of Edo Economic Team;
(4) Dr Chris Ogienwonyi, former Minister of State (Works);
(5) Professor Osarhiemen Osunbor, former governor of the state;
(6) Mr Kenneth Imasuagbon and
(7) General Charles Airhiavbere, (retd).
(8) Arch. Austin Ilenre Emuan
(9) Mathew Atamah
(10) Don Pedro Obaseki

Since Edo 2016 appeared in the horizon, I have taken the time to X-ray the developments, the candidates and their capabilities.
Of these candidates, Dr Obaseki is unique and stands out from the rest. One does not need a soothsayer to predict a candidate that would serve the best interests of Edolites. Commitment and selflessness to serve is not to be found on how long a candidate has been in the political scene. It is no longer about old timers but rather what you can offer the people.

Obaseki is not an old time politician in the state. This stands him in good stead. A technocrat with new ideas of economic advancement, a new blood with the passion and commitment to leave an indelible mark is far better than old hands, who sometimes are too rooted and entrenched in their old ways. APC delegates must be wise to make the right decision and ensure they put their the best foot forward in order that Edo can remain an APC state.

Recents events in APC Bayelsa and the just concluded Bayelsa governorship election are still very fresh in our minds. APC should reflect and learn from what transpired in Bayelsa and ensure that they reason and put their best foot forward. Dr Godwin Obaseki is APC best foot in Edo and therefore, efforts must be made to rally and unite behind him. APC Edo state has this advantage and must never throw it away. Just like what the APC Presidential election delegates did for Nigeria and ensured that President Buhari emerged, APC Edo delegates must also do the same to ensure that Obaseki emerges against all odds.


  • Well, APC must present a strong candidate to win. Obaseki is APC’s best chance.
  • Edo state need continuity and to have that, APC candidate must be capable of defeating PDP at the polls.
  • Obaseki is a technocrat and modern day governance requires people who can think outside the box, people who can work and deliver positive results. Obaseki fits the bill nicely.
  • Sustainability and economic growth. No other person or candidate measures up to the standard of Obaseki.
  • Continuity of programmes and infrastructure development. Obaseki has the mental tuff to continue, improve and advance Edo State further from where Oshiomhole stopped.

Edo State must keep moving forward and onwards. Edo State must never go back to her dark days where everything and anything deteriorated, whereas public funds were taking and diverted into private and personal pocket under PDP led State government. The list is in-exhaustive.

Over the coming weeks, APC delegates would decide who will emerge as the party’s flag bearer and as they do, I urge them and Party leadership to do the right thing. APC must not loose Edo State for that would be great setback for the well-being of Edolites. Edo State must continue to move forward and APC remains the only platform for Edo socio- political and economic growth and development. The best interests of Edolites is and should remain the guiding principle.

God Bless Edo State
Long Live the Federal Republic

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