….A cursory look into a lists of pronouncements and promises of the Obaseki’s administration that ended up to be mere talk…

The time was right. The subdued silence gave way and the comrade chairman of APC spoke and stirred the polity. Of course, the media ripples and sensations his comments generated is far from abated. The comments by Comrade Oshiomhole has been classified as hostile and kept me wondering… How hostile can an expression of disappointment on an anointed successor of the same party not continuing projects they started together. How hostile can that be?

The issues are not personal, its there for all to see…

Unfortunately, some minds have been sentimentally clogged to see pellucidly. The victim card the government have played overtime has lured the gullible into blind conclusions and infantile tantrums throwing..

Haven said that, someone asked what exactly are the issues while picking the central hospital as a point of reference. In his opinion, why would Oshiomhole commission a hospital that was not equipped. Thank God for YouTube, we sought the speech of comrade during the commissioning and listened with rapt attention. The part that the comrade governor expressed disappointment and stated with all honesty that the government are yet to get full delivery of all equipment purchased from the manufacturer vindicated him. It can only be understandable that since you have your anointed as a successor, one would simply expect a seamless continuation of pending transactions/projects. Why the lacuna was allowed to fester for far too long can only be answered by the incumbent governor.

Now, the central hospital is an isolated case. There exist a myriads of abandoned projects and failed promises… Let’s x-ray the issues by examining a lists of some failed promises, programs and constituted committees (with dates) that yielded no result(s)

1. Obaseki inaugurates power generation committee on 3rd February, 2017….
Outcome; Nothing.
2. Obaseki to make Edo a medical tourism destination… Almost three years later… How far? Your guess is as good as mine.
3. Obaseki to head Tayo Akpata university of education development team(Feb. 2017)
Present day; The institution in rots still under locks.
4. Edo state government to construct 3,000km of roads using concrete technology
(Feb. 2017)
…. We have seen the lost of more roads to flooding than constructed ones
5. “We will clean up Edo through environmental reforms…” Obaseki March, 2017.
… More than two years later, we are still waiting for the reforms in the environment. Instead, what we see is environmental degradation, massive flooding, poorly constructed roads and Edo state been rated as one of the dirtiest in the country with heaps of refuse littering the entire metropolitan LGAs
6. Obaseki, Toyota, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, others plan investment in Edo(June, 2017)
…. Still waiting to see the investment more than two years later.
7. Edo to set up ambulance and emergency response service (June, 2017)
…Any hope of this happening? Certainly not this administration. Our existing fire service is almost comatose.
8. Edo to set up sports arena in the 18 LGAs(June, 2017)
…Question is more than 2years later, no single foundation have been laid in fulfilment of this promise.. Not one!

The list is endless…

It has been three years of mere talks without the requisite action to actualize it. Edo people are tired of fine speeches promising eldorado yet the vicissitudes of our lives and experiences under this government can best be described as unpleasant, vapid and retrogressive.

Aren’t you tired of government like this?