By Ehinomen Okojie

The uninspiring political leadership and depleting democracy dividends, currently experienced by the people of Edo State, has worsened so much so that they now yearn for a deserving political leader, who could bring about the needed change, through the 2020 governorship election and to lift the state from the valleys it has sunk.

It is appalling that in these heady days, when the Covid 19 pandemic has brought mankind to the kneels and groping, Edo State government can’t muster for itself, with the usual public support to overcome the pestilence, like some other states of the federation, that had before now seen Edo as leading most other states, in such emergencies.

Forward ever and backward never, Edo All Progressives Congress (APC) and the electorate deserve to swing the state back to its preeminent position as “the Nigeria’s Heartbeat”, by voting enmass Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu in the APC primaries and the governorship election, proper.

Among those aspiring for the position, Dr. Odubu is obviously most qualified to address a deluge of problems currently besetting the state and the unity, peace and progress of the people.

For since about four years, the lacklustre and eclipsing tenure of Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the state governor, has set the state way way backward.

Dr. Odubu, apart from also being the most experienced and versatile, is a man of peaceful means, who understands so well the chemistry of humans as he is known to often “conceal blood in the mouth to spit out saliva”.

As a former deputy to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the history making and public oriented government in the state, Dr Odubu was a valuable and loyal deputy, who aligned with his boss and his party, to bring government closer to the people.

However, this is far from the current situation, where Governor Obaseki and his deputy’s blend of imperfection has turned the state into a sorry wreck.

Mr. Obaseki is brash and unforgiving hence he soon upturned the public confidence and stable polity, which Comrade Oshiomhole and Dr. Odubu laboured to build and handed over to him and Mr. Philip Shaibu. Now, normalcy is returning to the Edo ruling APC, which although occupies all the elective and appointive political offices in the state and local government areas had displayed sharp differences.

APC faithful in Obaseki’s disfavour were said to be the governor’s butts of raw brigandage. And there was never a time in Edo and Nigerian history, when bombs were allegedly detonated in the dwellings of those APC members, opposed to Obaseki’s returning bid as governor. And even if the governor denied the accusations of him goading the bombings, arsons, gun totting and harassments, he couldn’t have convinced the discerning public with his flammable public statements, which ignited the crisis.

But, a gentlemanly and naturally imbued character, Odubu, is a true party man, who is respected by APC party men and women and the mass of Edo people, who he diligently served for eight years as deputy governor.

For Edo State that is homogenous, with Bini as the major indigenous language, but derivatives like Esan, Etsako, Owan and some others, a man with peaceful and polished disposition is all that is needed to unify the APC faithful and the residents who had separated by political differences.

Dr. Odubu, with a calm and humane characteristics, if elected, could turn to be another Ambrose Alli, a former and the late civilian governor of the old Bendel State, who is still inarguably revered as one of the best governor the state has ever had.

Dr. Pius Odubu Will Bring Peace and Progress to Edo!