Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has been asked to deliver a keynote message at the ongoing Global Child Nutrition Forum in Tunis, capital of Tunisia on Thursday.


Prof Osinbajo will speak on the successes of National Homegrown School Feeding Programme, NHGSFP, which was introduced by the Buhari administration.


Nigeria was specifically invited to share its experience because it has the biggest public education school feeding programme in Africa.


The School Feeding Programme presently feeds 9.2 million primary pupils across 26 States in Nigeria, the largest school feeding programme in Africa.


The NHGSFP is one of the schemes under the National Social Investment Programmes designed to reduce poverty and out-of-school children in Nigeria.


The NHGSF programme is part of a 500 billion naira funded Social Investment Programme announced by the Buhari administration to tackle poverty and improve the health and education of children and other vulnerable groups.


The Federal Government of Nigeria sees NHGSFP as a priority in its Economic Recovery Growth Plan and its commitment to invest in human capital.