By Ukato Thomas.

Abuja: Foremost Governorship aspirant and former Deputy Governor of Edo State, Dr Pius Odubu has condemned the recent demolition of Comrade Tony Adun’s Hotel stating that it is barbaric, wicked and man’s inhumanity to man.

Dr Odubu made this known while on a solidarity visit to Comrade Tony Adun in his Abuja residence, in the company of General Charles Arhirvbere, (retired) also an APC governorship hopeful and Rt Honorable Thomas Okosun, former speaker of Edo State House of Assembly and former Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC. Dr Odubu described Tony Adun as a dogged fighter for justice and enthronement of real democracy in Edo State. The visibly saddened Odubu expressed his words with obvious pain about the demolition of a Man’s means of livelihood.

“Yes! am a Man, a tough Man but I tell you, watching the demolition on television that day weakened me. It was an horrific sight and a deplorable act, Man’s inhumanity to man and I must tell you my brother (Tony Adun) that the length and breath of Edo State is with you in this your time of trial. And please know that when the story of the struggle for the enthronement of true democracy in Edo State, year 2020 is going to be written, your name (Tony Adun) will have a generous mention. You have paid your dues and you have paid the price”, he said.

Dr Odubu went further to stress with all present in Concord that “…save for loosing one’s life, no loss can be greater than the demolition of ones means of livelihood. It was a barbaric and a wicked act. But as that might be my brother, I urge you and I want to commend the dignified manner you have taken all what have happened to you in recent times, it goes to show that that you are maturing now and also know that there is a greater being and that is God. I appeal to you to surrender to God, leave everything at the doorsteps of God and he will do right by you.

“As at now, the law is on your side. You didn’t take laws into your hands, you went to the law court to file an action… That is what lawyers call “lis pendis”. The matter was still pending in court and indeed judgement was reserved for a couple of days but the agents of government went to pull down your hotel. My brother God will give you the courage to forge ahead.” He added.

Dr Odubu assured Tony kabaka that for things like this to happen to him and a lot more comrades in the struggle, its a spur to making the noble men and women in the party to be more determined that come September this year, we would collectively elect a man that is compassionate, a man that knows that the business of government is to protect lives and properties and not to be destroying people’s property. Speaking further, he said “this is just a question of time, you will recoup your investment, its an investment and surely you will recoup with interests” He offered prayers to give hope and strengthen Tony Kabaka in his ordeal.

Responding, Comrade Tony Adun aka Kabaka was full of thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Dr Odubu and the APC leaders and VIPs who accompanied him in the solidarity visit noting that it wasn’t easy to leave Benin and travel to Abuja to come see him, he said it shows that they really felt the pain of what happened to him and by extension, all Edolites for their calls and comments. Their messages and their standing by him in this trying moments of his life, he said he has bulk messages yet unread. He only wish and pray for God’s divine blessings on all those who called in their thousands and that God will meet them at the point of their needs because they know the value of money and detested the destruction of money. He said he has heeded to the advice of leaving vengeance for God and hopes on his leaders that he work with.

But with the calibre of men like Dr Odubu, General Charles, Engr Ogiewonyi and pastor Osagie ize iyamu and our national chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, he has gotten the courage to relax and think less of the enormous loss. He said “What happens to a Man, makes the man stronger and that we are learning everyday and as Dr Odubu rightly said, it’s for government to protect lives and properties and not to destroy lives and property.
God bless you sir” He concluded his response with Thanks.

Recall that Tony Adun’s T.Latifah hotel was unlawfully demolished on Wednesday 5th February, 2020. A subject matter of a suit in court in which judgement was reserved for Friday 7th February, 2020. Agents under the order of the Edo State Governor, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki in a flagrant abuse of powers and contempt of court demolished the massive edifice which have served as an employment hub for hundreds of hitherto unemployed Edo indigenes. This has been condemned by lovers and apostles of truth and justice, amongst whom is a man of peace, lover and respecter of justice, hater of oppression, a compassionate man and a man with a large heart, Dr Pius Odubu, who if in Obaseki stead will never condescend so low as to becoming a tyrant.

Presently however, the suit is still in court and the counsel to Tony kabaka has filed for the reinstatement of the subject matter of the case to its original state before proceeding citing copious cases/judgement from judicial precedence. The case has been adjoined for hearing later this month.

Ukato Thomas, a member of the Odubu Campaign Organisation writes from Abuja.