Today, being the world health day, I use this medium to convey my highest regards to the health workers in Nigeria, particularly health workers in Edo state.

The world health day, was established by the World Health Organisation, on April 7th 1948, as a day set to commemorate the quest to ensure that the world remains a healthy place for all humans. Ever since, the 7th day of April, has always been set aside by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) to create awareness on a vast array of health matters.

However, while we observe this day, my thoughts and heart felt gratitude goes out to frontline health providers and health workers, who have overtime continuously put their lives on the line, as required by their job, which is backed by the oath sworn by them to protect lives.

Considering the times, where mankind is plagued by a global pandemic, the world health day can be said to be very timely, as it affords the possibility to continuously sensitize the good people of Edo state and Nigerians in general on the necessary measures that can be taken to curb the spread of the Corona virus disease.

I, as an individual, have so far contributed my own efforts to sensitize the people of Edo state, through the sponsor of series of radio jingles on some radio stations, broadcasting across Edo, to effectively enlighten the people on the pandemic, which has been taking its toll on the world for quite some time.

Members of my campaign organisation, through my directive, have also synergized with Coalation of Non-Governmental organisations (C.O.N.G.O.S), Community leaders, health care centres, markets and other stakeholders in the state, to ensure hygiene enhancing materials, are distributed judiciously to a vast majority of Edo state.

Outreaches have also been done by the Dr. Odubu campaign organisation, (earlier referred to as my campaign organisation), to hospitals, which are designated centres for the COVID-19 test, to distribute hygiene and essential materials, inorder to ensure safety of all health personnel across board, in this hospital this period.

I am totally committed to the welfare of the Edo people and will always continue to show my dedication to the betterment and total wellbeing of the people and state. With my support and the joint efforts of all on deck, we are bound to win the battle against the scourge of COVID-19, which has endagered our world.

More importantly, the bulk also rests on us, to observe the necessary procedures;

1) Avoid use of the palm to cover mouth when sneezing but rather sneezing or coughing must be done into a bent elbow or handkerchiefs, which should be disposed properly and immediately.

2)Regular handwashing under running tap water with soap or use of alcohol based hand sanitizers, should be imbibed.

3) Social distancing of at least 1.5 – 6ft must be observed in public.

4) Keep check on body temperature at significant intervals. And if flu like symptoms occurs or persist after occurrence, accompanied by muscle fatigue, difficulty in breathing, endeavour to call the designated help lines”


Former Deputy Governor,

Edo state.