Former Deputy Governor of Edo State and leading contender in the Edo 2020 Governorship, Dr. Pius Odubu has felicitated with Christians on the occasion of Easter, which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Odubu, in a statement issued by Felix Isere, Esq., on behalf of the Campaign Organization, urged Christians to imbibe the selfless attributes displayed by Jesus Christ.

He said Christians must not only celebrate, but must reflect on the gift of Christ to the world, while demonstrating the life of sacrifice.

“We must rededicate ourselves to the life of sacrifice which the death and resurrection of Christ teaches us. Sacrifice always requires that we give of our time, energy and substance to those in need,” Dr. Odubu said.

“There is no better time to demonstrate this life of sacrifice in this period when our world is navigating through a global crisis, battling to end the deadly Coronavirus that has taken many lives and caused severe hardship across the globe.”

The APC governorship aspirant tasked Christians to use the occasion of Easter to pray, and promote peace, love, unity and other good virtues.

“While we come before Him (God) in divine obeisance, we must encourage ourselves, pray to a faithful God and use the opportunity to extend the love of Christ to our neighbors in a tangible way.”

He said leaders must rededicate themselves to the service of mankind, through their tireless dedication to the service of “our immediate community and the nation as a whole.”

“We must remind ourselves that the opportunity to lead given by the Almighty is an awesome chance to add value to mankind. We must meditate on those sterling qualities that made Christ a great leader, saviour and helper. Above all, we must become humble as he was before God to deliver on the purposes for which He came in the flesh.”

Dr. Odubu, therefore, urged Christians not to lose hope at any time, but to dwell more on the surpassing joy the resurrection of Christ has given to mankind.

”As we focus on the resurrection, may God help us see the hope set before us as a state and as a nation,” he added. “Happy Easter Celebration.”