I received with immeasurable joy and excitement the news on the discharge of six (6) out of the fifteen (15) COVID-19 patients  receiving treatment in Edo State after testing negative twice  to the virus, five yesterday and one today. This is a confirmation that they are free of the virus, hale and hearty to reunite with their families and loved ones. I happily rejoice with you, your families and the good and resilient people of Edo State for having defeated this unprecedented evil.

Our fervent prayers go to the remaining patients who I believe are rapidly responding to treatment.  I want to once again reassure them of my continuous moral, spiritual, psychological and physical support. Very soon, I look forward to joining the good people of Edo State to welcome you all back to your respective homes, families and loved ones. Your soonest recovery will always be the KEY WATCHWORD in my daily prayers.

More importantly, our Health Care workers who are on the frontline battling the novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) that is spreading throughout our cities, states and nation. They are putting themselves in the path of this virus. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, pharmacists and everyone who supports patients  and caring for our most vulnerable population.

With all sense of humility, we are passionately indebted to you in both gratitude and thanks. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve my deepest commendation and admiration. Keep on the good work. Your sacrifices and patriotism are not unnoticed and will never go unrewarded.

In my modest means, i will continue to partner and support with all relevant government and private bodies, agencies and institutions in combating this deadly pandemic to a standstill as we have continuously done in the last few weeks.

I appeal to the people of Edo State to remain steadfast and calm as it is very clear that this deadly pandemic will soon be a thing of the past.

I urge them to continuously obey all precautionary measures put in place by all relevant authorities and government agencies to forestall unnecessary spread of the virus. It is understandably difficult and hard to stay at home even at these biting economic realities of our state, but it is a necessary sacrifice that we must pay in order to defeat the defeatable monster.


Felix Osemwengie Isere,Esq

For: Dr. Pius Egberamwen Odubu