Author: Taye Paul Olubayo

Dear Independent Music Artiste, It’s Not All About Talent- Olubayo Paul

Being a classically trained musician, having years of intense music studies under your belt, knowing how to mix and master fresh beats, and having the vocal range of Mariah Carey are all great selling points for any artist. But it’s equally important to understand the business side of the music industry.   A common downfall for many artistic minds is that they have such tunnel vision for the creative aspect of music, that they overlook all of the other factors that play into building a successful career. Here are some key reasons why independent artists need to have a firm grasp...

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Key Principles To Becoming A Better Artiste – By Olubayo Paul

Hi guys! Today, I’d be focusing on the important rules in your quest to becoming the best version of you. I call it, YOU 20.0. Basically, these are the generally accepted principles worldwide, if you are extremely serious on reaching your full potential as a music artiste. Please note that the remaining language in this article would be entirely informal: MAN, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! Let me say that again my G, there are no shortcuts! If you think for one minute there’s a way you can go around it, guy, you are VERY wrong. The reason all those websites...

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