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Abubakar Usman Sidiq: The Renowned Journalist Turned Politician, By Engr. Imam Maiyaki

In hundreds of media houses across this country there are men and women who reports the truth, and help lubricate the engine room of democracy. They do not only monitor governance and make government accountable to the people, but also act as gate keepers for sustainable democracy in terms of information flow and direction. Abubakar Usman Sidiq, is such a journalist! He brought thoughtful, intelligent, objective, and balanced views to all that visit his media platform. His readers always got something unique from his online site. Aside being a tireless media practitioner, he is dogged and churns out nothing...

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Kojo Funds is Back to His Hitmaking Best

Kojo Funds is Back to His Hitmaking Best     It wasn’t too long ago that Kojo Funds’ music was the talk of the town. With colossal hit after colossal hit in 2016 and 17, you would have been forgiven for thinking that there was more than one Kojo Funds as the artist’s music was pretty much everywhere in the UK.   Funds was moving like an industry vet, and it was impossible not to take notice of standout tracks like “My 9ine” and “Fine Wine” – the latter of which features a trademark Funds hook.     Remarkably,...

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The Ace Up Afrobeats’ Sleeve

The Ace Up Afrobeats’ Sleeve Chuks Austine popularly known as Superstar Ace is aptly named. For one, the Nigerian born singer certainly looks the part of a superstar – the tattoos, the jewellery, the hairstyle, as well as the fashion choices which stand him out in most settings. But let’s face it, so do a lot of other people.   Simply put, merely looking like a superstar in the music industry has never been enough, as with an appreciable fashion sense, or resources – such as the right amount of money, or an experienced stylist, – virtually anyone can...

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Smart, witty, concise and opinionated. ‘Tyma, as she’s fondly called by friends and family, has successfully carved a niche for herself in matters of national interests and has had several years of experience in the forefront of Nigerian politics. She had her first degree at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife before proceeding to the University of Ilorin for Masters in Business Administration.   Fatimah Oyelami has worked with several brands, individuals and politicians and on a wide range of campaigns and projects within and outside Nigeria. Fatimah is a trained Communications and PR Strategist by the International School of...

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Technical Brief on the #BlueBox Initiative by the MD/CEO Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Dr Muyiwa Gbadegesin (@muyiwag)

The Blue Box Program is a single stream recyclable collection program that will encourage separation of recyclable materials from the general waste at the point of generation. Recycling bags will be distributed to households by franchised recyclers for separation of recyclables. The bags would be collected on designated dates by the assigned recycler and transported to the sorting hubs within the area at designated days of the week. Respective recyclers who are franchise holders, would come to pick up the boxes. Colour-coded bags will be distributed by recyclers and Environmental volunteer corps who will educate and encourage participation and...

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