Eaglestep is a Socio-Political hub of major occurrences in Nigeria with a vision to promote and nurture Nigeria’s nascent democracy, advocate the principle of fairness and justice, promote law and order, good governance, accountability, transparency and good moral architecture and human rights in accordance with democratic ideals.

The founder(s) / Proprietor(s) of Eaglestep believe that media is a nerve center of a functional society. Undoubtedly, it can help engender social and political change in furtherance of a better society and help engineer new horizons for political development and growth. We will strive to be known as an organization that would keep media organizations in positive light. Eaglestep, is a child of necessity. Founded in early 2016, believes that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace Change and far reaching reforms in both private and public sector, challenge what has not worked and drive the progress and development in a significant measure.

In terms of media formation and content, we are of the view that New Media which has carved a niche can help sustain, promote and nurture Change, social engineering, re-orientation of mindsets, drive a sea-change in attitude towards assault mentality of public funds, development, economic growth in Nigeria.

We have come to fill the gap in change revolutionary media coverage, and therefore provide the platform to take the eagle steps in Changing Nigeria for the better and bring innovative steps in the Nigeria media industry.

We will serve as an information portal for specific government policy area, it’s Modus Operandi, milestones, implementation and impact on the common man. This political information portal shall create awareness to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery of the Change Agenda

We will publish across all formats beginning with this online platform where we hope to appeal to core followers of change and the common sense revolution; young and middle class elites with a firm belief in Change and good governance.

Gloria Adagbon, Founder and Proprietor, Eaglestep©